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How to get a printable puppy/dog certificate

Getting a printable puppy certificate will be the crisp of this article as many pet owners still find this process an arduous task. Most dogs are not given certificates at birth though they may be registered. So the burden rests on you to get one for your pets.

Often, it might just take filling out forms and signing signatures to get your puppy’s birth certificate—however, the regulation changes in a few scenarios.

It is good to get certificates for dogs as some States in The U.S. require it. Also, if you are not disposed to seeing your Vet, the birth certificate can help reveal some vital information to the doctors.

So let’s get started on our journey on finding how to get a printable dog certificate. But before rushing into it, it’s important we know if getting the dog certificate is worth it.

Why get a dog’s certificate

Your dog or puppy’s birth certificate is essential as some regulatory bodies like COBA ask for it. They request members to submit birth notifications of all puppies from a litter – regardless of whether or not you will sell them. They mandate Breeders to submit birth notifications via the VCMS Portal. They register dogs ;

  • If the Breeder or owner has registered COBA
  • Or have their DNA on its database
  • Its microchipped 

Without this, COBA will deny you registration. The registered birth certificate will be available on the VCMS Portal for download. Prospective buyers should request proof from breeders that dogs have been – or will be – birth registered to ensure they receive the required documentation and be eligible for breeding at the qualifying age (12 months.

Again, the date of birth, breed, weight, address, phone number, and veterinarian information are all listed on the certificates. If your pet is stolen or escapes, you may be able to use this information to establish you own it if the authorities pick it up. 

Having that information on hand could potentially save your pet’s life if you become paralysed or injured (for example, in a car accident). You cannot provide essential health information to a veterinarian, such as age or breed. The birth certificate will help you do.

There has been a dramatic increase in the illegal importation of dogs. Some of the dogs up for sale in the U.K. are, most of the time, illegally imported. It can be detrimental to the safety and health of the general public. 

Here are the dangers posed by Dogs illegally imported 

  • They carry infections and diseases transmitted to other pets or even persons. 
  • They are mainly transported under stringent conditions and may be susceptible to frequent illness due to inadequate health preparation before import. 
  • The advertisements on these dogs are very misleading. They give false history and pedigree. 
  • Worst of all, if your dogs are illegally imported, you will end up spending much on quarantine, fines by authorities, and treatment and veterinary bills.

To avoid buying illegally imported dogs, follow these guidelines. 

  • First, check if the organisation is a member of any legalised association of Dogs and Cats. You can also get professional advice from Dog trust, PAAG, RSPCA, Kennel club, Dog advisory council. 
  • Ensure you buy from a reputable individual with a good pedigree 
  • Double-check the animal’s documentation and ask questions where you are not cleared. It should have a certificate, a veterinary certificate or a Pets passport. 
  • Ask for the commercial license certifying him as a dealer, even go ahead and inquiry on the mother. 
  • If you have doubts, speak with your Vet or get in touch with your local Pets Authority. 

So, what more should I know about purchasing a puppy: 


  • Check the puppy contract or the list. 
  • Study Animal regulation in your country. Know the acceptable breeds 
  • Ensure you get to see the puppy with its mother 
  • I will advise you not to go for a puppy younger than eight weeks.
  • If you are fully convinced, contact your local authorities and inquiry also, contact your Local Authority Trading Standards if you’re concerned about the health or welfare of dogs and cats advertised for sale.

Now let’s see other merits of a dog birth certificate. 

Uses of a dog birth certificate

Anytime the use of a dog’s certificate is discussed, many make jest of it, thinking it’s not essential. But that’s far from the truth. Getting a printable dog certificate ought to be mandatory. Here are some reasons it’s important

  • Reveals the dog’s age: Many Pet Owners love their dogs profoundly and see them as blood relatives. Often they want to celebrate their birthday precisely the day they were born, not using a fictitious date. Knowing the dog’s exact age will help your Vet administer the proper medications. 
  • It shows the etymology of the dog: Most times, we feel the origin of a dog doesn’t matter. The birth certificate displays the date of birth and breed. It helps to know the dog’s relatives and siblings and makes paternity tracing easy. 
  • Gives knowledge on the breed: With the birth certificate, With birth certificate, you can quickly identify contraband breeds, and it will help prevent you from making mistakes when adopting. There have been records of dogs eating humans, and I guess you don’t want that. So, it will prevent you from running into issues with the authorities as the birth certificate will help you know what you are buying. 

We have learned how to avoid purchasing illegally imported dogs and the usefulness of a printable dog’s birth certificate. So, if you are still enthusiastic at this point, let’s now see the contents of a printable dog birth certificate. 

Content on the printable dog certificate 

The content on the printable dog’s certificate differs from country to country, although there are many similarities. A pet’s certificate contains:

  • The name of the puppy
  • Date of birth 
  • Appellation of owners 
  • Time of birth 
  • Place of birth ( city and date) 
  • Breed 
  • Weight 
  • Size 
  • Sex
  • Height 
  • Signatures 

Download fillable dog certificates below

puppy birth certificate templates

So, let’s get to the crux of how to get a printable dog birth certificate. This is how you go about it. 


  • Considering how dogs are loved globally, they even go the extra mile to call them relatives. Like your children, you might want to give your puppy a treat on that day. Just to let you know, getting a birth certificate is very easy. It doesn’t necessarily require that you go to an office; you could do it from the comfort of your house. You could download your puppy’s certificate via the internet. It is possible even to create your template. 

So here is how you about it 

  • Firstly, get the date of birth for your puppy. If you are unsure about the date, you can meet your Vet for assistance. 
  • If you have gotten a date, you can then go to a website that lets you create a free sample
  • Come up with unique content but ensure you put the necessary information like pet’s name, owners name, breed, etc. 
  • Print out when you are done and fill in the necessary information. If you have done this, your puppy now has a birth certificate. 

Besides birth certificates, do you know that other certificates are issued to puppies?. If you are yet to find out, I will be revealing a few, so stay with me to the end. Let’s start with

  • Certificate of veterinary inspection;

This is needed when you want to travel out with your pet. Most times, the airlines usually request an acclimation certificate. The person certified to issue this certificate is a Federal veterinary doctor. It shows that the pet that You will transport can acclimatise to temperatures below 45°celcius. Dogs cannot withstand temperatures above 45°c. So, a federal Veterinary will have to certify. Otherwise, your puppy will not be allowed to go with you. You must be completely honest with the information you provide as there is no refund policy if anything happens on the way.

  • Certificate of adoption: It stands as proof that you are the new owner of the dog. To put up your dog for adoption is now straightforward. All you need to do is find a reputable pet club, get many views, and create an account. The agency will give the needed help in selecting the best adopters. After that, you meet with the chosen adopter to finalize the paperwork. Most times, it might not be easy starting, but indeed, as time goes on, you will come to love it. Lastly, we should know anytime we adopt a dog, we are rescued from either loneliness or starvation. So, if the resource is there, you should adopt one.

Service dog certificate: You get a certification if you only have a condition that requires the assistance of a service dog. The requirements can be mental illness, blindness or handicapping. A service dog is more than a pet. Getting your dog registered is pretty straightforward. All that is needed is to: 

Fill in your name as an Emotional support handler.

Put in the name of your dog as an Emotional support animal

Give your email address and the picture of your dog

Select a paper certificate

If you are in the U.S., you can register your dog here

  • Health certificate: implies a document given by an authorised veterinarian or an authorised veterinary foundation showing a particular dog has been immunised or vaccinated. The National Association requires State Public Health Veterinarian’s Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control in the U.S. to ensure that all pets get vaccinated. The certificate shows the name of the vaccination and incorporates it in any event during immunisation. 

The health certificate show 

  • The signature of the owner
  • Pet owner’s name 
  • The address, 
  • The exact region where the dog lives
  • The breed of the dog,
  • Sex.Whether the dog is male, female or hermaphrodite. There have been records of hermaphrodite among a few breeds of dogs.
  • the age, the colour
  • Species, 
  • The expiry date of vaccination 
  • And the immunisation number, otherwise called the sequential part number. 

We have emphasised much on the dog’s certificate. And indeed, we can get all the paperwork done rightly and legally but might not still get the best experience from our puppies. You have to know what you expect from a dog before purchasing. Every breed has its unique qualities.

So, I will guide you to help you choose your puppy. It’s a known fact that dogs are the most loyal and intelligent animals. They are devoted and give man companionship. But with different dog breeds to choose from, which do you think  will suit your taste and needs? Let’s find out.

Guard dogs: These dogs have the instinct to defend their owners and family; it is their defining character. The Guardian breeds are ideal if you want a dog that signifies you when visitors are around or detect potential dangers and wade it off. They are strong, vigilant, and brave. People often prefer to use these sets of dogs for security than using a gatekeeper. Examples are Rottweiler, Boxers, German Shepherd. They require proper domestication due to their strength and size. 

  • Non-shedding dogs: If you don’t enjoy cleaning dog hair, you have to opt for a non-shedding dog. These breeds don’t smell. They belong to the dog class that does not produce much oil and dander. So, dirt does not attach much to their skin, and this, in turn, reduces the smell. Shih Tzu, Havenese, Doberman, poodle are good examples. 

Though you might still need to brush them, they are not shed much, making them suitable for allergy patents as dander causes allergy.

  • Apartment dog: If you are looking for a dog for your apartment, you might have to look for a dog that barks less, is friendly, polite and is less energetic. You might have to consider the size and how often it sheds. The Greyhounds are a fine example. Chihuahuas are tiny in size but very active. I doubt you will need a puppy that will constitute a nuisance to your visitors: the Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, Pugs, and the Bulldogs for apartment dogs.
  • Friendly dogs: These types are generally warm and welcoming. They are comfortable even sharing space with other pets. Poodles and Spaniels will be glad to have companions at home. So, if you need a dog to stay indoors without messing things up, go for the friendly ones.
  • Dog for starters: To those who are new to breeding dogs. You will better start with breeds like Shiba Inu, and Huskies might be the wrong choice, to begin with. But the Cocker, Golden Retrieval, Shih Tzu are excellent choices. Ask for breeds that are smart and easy to train. If you start with species like the German Shepherd or the Rottweiler, you might have the best experience. 
  • Dogs for busy persons: Basset hound or even the Sharpei are most suitable for those with hectic schedules. These dogs are independent and capable of living alone. All dogs need constant socialising and affection. So, if you are very busy, you should find an independent dog.
  • Dogs for Hyper-active owners: Owners that want to take their dogs for a hike, run or stroll should consider dogs like the Pointer or Australian Shepherd. These dogs are energetic and athletic. The Jack Russell terrier is an excellent option. Active owners need a dog that is balanced both physically and mentally. 
  • Dog for elderly persons: For those old and may not have strength for exercise. The Boston terrier or the Maltese are most suitable. These dogs are ever happy and loving. They do not need much training making them the perfect choice for elderly persons. 

Previously, we said you could do your registrations by yourself. I retaliate. Yes, you can. You can see template, You can even make your design similar to the ones on these sites. Whether you design it, buy yourself, download a free template, or even pay for it, it does not matter. What’s important is that you get a birth certificate for your dog. 

It’s a famous saying: get the dog that fits your lifestyle. So, asides from getting the printable birth certificate for your dog, you also must ensure you get a dog that will enhance maximum satisfaction. The content of the birth certificate differs from the other certifications. So, when drafting, you must know what exactly you want. 

Conclusively, let’s not just stop at getting printable birth certificates for our dogs. We should endeavour to get the others, especially the vaccination certificate. I call it the ‘queen of certificates’ because you will run into severe problems with the authorities without it. Not only that, you risk your dogs having rabies. Asides from this, you will not be able to travel with your dog. So, knowing why and even how to get a printable dog certificate, what are you waiting for? Go and get it done.